COCO/VOYAGER is able to provide their customers with reliable roadside assistance for their fleets. Your COCO/VOYAGER fllet fuel card will now allow you to use extended emergency services such as towing, tire chang, and emergency fuel delivery.

North America Fleet Services (NAFS) 

NAFS offers it's clients access to 24 hour emergency roadside assistance for cars, trucks and buses 365 days a year. NAFS has an extensive vendor network for tires, mechanical and towing with an average out of service time of less than 2 hours.

As a beg-based fleet management company, NAFS is completely automated and clients are notified when fleet vehicles are out of service immediately by fax, e-mail or telephone. NAFS has 55,000 vendors rated based on past performance, quality of service and pricing.

Pricing is gaurenteed for 1 year and each vendor has a certificate of insurance on file allowing NAFS to insure the quality of all repairs and services.

NAFS has devisions that service fleets of class 6, 7 and 8, to automobiles and buses.

National Aoutomobile Club (NAC)                               

Since 1924, National Automobile Club (NAC) has provided fast-response road service programs. NAC is designed to provide quick, courteous, and cost-effective emergency 
towing and road services for fleet managers. 

Professional road service providers will get drivers the help they need 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If NAC can not get the vehicle back on the road quickly. They will tow the vehicle 
to a repair facility. NAC is able to offer the following features to their customers:

                                                           Mechanical first aid
                                                               Vehicle towing
                                                                  Jump start
                                                                 Tire Change
                                            Emergency fuel, oil and water delivery
                                                              Lockout service


                            Contact our Fleet Fueling Department:

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                                  802-864-5380 x222
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                                  Lynn Harvey, Sr. - New York


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